Power, Control & Instrumentation

Power Cable Suppliers for Singapore’s Industrial Companies

At Elect-Chem, we are a leading supplier in electrical & electronics power cable for industrial and marine uses.

We understand that these fields require specialised products and material to ensure safety in technical and electrical processes, as well as get distribution across a wider and more complex space. At Elect-Chem we want to help you improve the efficiency of your current work through high quality cables and electrical products.

Our available range is suitable for:

  • Marine Offshore – 250V BFOU(i) , RFOU(i&c) (NEK606), 250 BFOI (c), BFOI (i&c)
  • Industrial Purposes – 500V Cu/XLPE/OSCR/PVC/SWA/PVC-FR

                       –  500V Cu/MGT/XLPE/OCSE/LSHF/SWB/LSHF

  • General Purposes – PVC Multipair Cable, LiYY, LiHCH, LiYCY (TP – Twisted Pair)

A range of power and control products for marine and industrial purposes

Power Cable


Our power cables have been installed in  heavy-duty, complex systems that require a broad range of connection. We take pride in providing our clients and customers with quality products suitable for a range of uses:

  • Marine Offshore – BFOU , RFOU (NEK606) & TFOI
  • Industrial Purposes – 0.6/1KV Cu/XLPE/SWA/PVC ,


  • General Purposes – PVC Multicore Cable & Neoprene H07RN-F , H07V-K Cable

Instrumentation cables

Control Cable


These cables are tailored to meet particular operational standards that are common in industrial and marine offshore cabling systems. A system of instrumentation cables will allow you to manage and control applications in your company. The available instrumentation cables at Elect-Chem are:

  • Marine Offshore – Composite Cable with SHF1, SHF2, mud resistance, low smoke halogen free, etc
  • Industrial / Commercial Purposes – CAT5e, CAT6A, CAT7 Infrastructure Cabling, Profibus, CANBus, Thermocouple Cable , Optional Patchcord assemblies for rack & panel cabling

If you need any assistance in picking the right set of cables, speak to our friendly customer service team today. We’ll be able to guide you through picking the right product for your needs. Or, you can browse the rest of our products, all designed to improve your electrical system.