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Electronic Quartz Crystals for Smooth Circuits

Quartz crystal is an important component in products as it helps create a precise electrical signal. Circuits that use this quartz are called crystal oscillators, which are common in most commercial products including computers and electronics gadget so you’re bound to have come across a product that incorporates quartz crystal.

Our quartz crystal supply comes from the Hong Kong, Caltron Devices Ltd. With a passion for providing high quality crystals to their variety of customers, Caltron Devices is an optimal choice for crystal mechanisms

Singapore’s supplier of crystal components

Caltron is the one of the leading manufacturer of quartz crystal products in Hong Kong, with more than 20 years of experience. These crystal products can be used for a number of applications, including phones, telecoms, anti-theft products, computers, multi-media and televisions. This means, Caltron products are a crucial component of electrical devices at home, at work and in industrial level spaces.

Some of our Caltron products include –

  • Crystal Resonator
  • Clock Oscillator
  • SAW Resonator

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