Ferro Shield Electronics Co.

Terrific Deals on Ferrite Cores

A ferrite core is an electrical component that electric transformers and wound components are formed from. They are a crucial part of most electrical tools and devices as they are usually the core component of transformers and inductors.

As a core component of electrical products, it’s important that you’re picking the right one. Choosing a quality ferrite core means getting a quality system for your computer, TV or communication equipment. This is why we provide products from the specialists at Ferro Shield Electronics.

Singapore’s supplier of Ferro Shield Electronics

Ferro Shield Electronics Co are specialists in the manufacturing of various ferrite and ceramic EMI electronic components for a number of different applications. These products are perfect for personal and commercial use, and include components for products like:

  • EMI Suppression Ferrite Core
  • Chip Beads
  • Chip Inductors
  • Wire Wound Inductor
  • Power Choke


Ferro Shield are also supported by ISO-9001 and QS-9000. At Elect-Chem, we aim to distribute high quality products from leading manufacturers at the most competitive pricing. You’re saving when you purchase a Ferro Shield product from us.

If you’re interested in finding more about the products we provide, email us at or get touch with the staff at Elect-Chem.

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