LigoWave Network Distributors

LigoWave is a designer and manufacturer of global point to point wireless networking solutions with emphasis on innovation versatility, and affordability. Our world is constantly evolving and changing, and, as it changes, we are in need of effective connectivity solutions.

LigoWave products are designed to operate under a unique range of scenarios and companies, offering flexibility in your wireless connection, from licensed to unlicensed bands. These products feature sleek, contemporary designs that will perfectly suit a modern office, as well as speedy and excellent wireless connection. Invest in a LigoWave product today!

Wireless network products for a seamless, fast connection

At Elect-Chem, we know that a speedy, reliable connection is what drives most companies. The world today relies on this fast connection, and you do too, which is why we have stocked some of the best products available at LigoWave.

We are constantly updating our range and providing new additions, so you know that you’re getting the latest connection technology available.

Some of our products available include:

  • LigoDLB series
  • LigoPTP Series
  • APC Series 
  • And more.

To find out more about LigoWave, speak to our friendly customer service team, alternatively please send your enquiries to:

Order a LigoWave solution today!

Elect-Chem provide connection and solutions for all areas of business and general use. We take pride in offering a wide range of products that are always of incredibly high quality. All our products are manufactured by some of the leading manufacturers available across the country. We are proud of our loyal partnerships with these manufacturers, and are always striving for more innovative solutions and products for our customers.

Come order from our stock today. If you have any questions about our products or wish to enquire about sales, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team of staff.