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Neltron Electronic Connectors

Our range of electronics connectors are the ideal choice and solution for a variety of companies, from simple to complex systems.

Neltron connectors are your leading manufacturers of connectors, with a range of product available including wire to board, board to board and USB connectors for a range of businesses.

Since their beginnings, they’ve now increased their range to include a huge number of connection solutions for businesses across the globe. Just like us at Elect-Chem, Neltron has grown and evolved by constantly innovating and creating new, intelligent products for the industry.

Take a look at our Neltron products available to order, and see if any of our available stock can benefit your connection system.

Singapore’s best range of Neltron Industrial Co. Ltd products

We are happy to provide our customers with products from one of the best manufacturers of PCB electronics connectors. Our extensive range comprises a range of connector solutions includes:

  • Board to Board (0.5mm~2.54mm)
  • Wire to Board
  • Wire to Wire
  • IDC Connector
  • Shrouded Header
  • USB Connector

If you’re interested in finding out more about Neltron products, speak to Elect-Chem’s customer service team, or enquire with us at  :

Providing customers with a range of connection and electrical solutions

At Elect-Chem, we take pride in offering premium customer service to all of our clients looking for quality electronics & electrical components. We have a range of wireless cables, power chokes and more, all from leading manufacturers and supplied by our professional team.

If you’re unsure what steps to take to ensure the right connection across the board, speak to our customer service specialists today. We will help you get the right products for your business or brand and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our partners and products.