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Singapore’s Leading Supplier of Youth Electronics Power Chokes

A choke is used to block higher-frequency AC in an electric circuit, but allowing lower-frequency DC to pass. These products are ideal for filtering signal and power lines. This way you can manage what is passing through your circuits, and store energy in your electrical current.

At Elect-Chem, we have a range of chokes available for a variety of purposes. Our power choke supplier are the experts originating from Taiwan, Youth Electronics. Take a look at some of the products we stock from Youth.

A range of electrical components for Singapore customers

Youth is the one of the leading manufacturers in Taiwan, known for developing inductor and power chokes. Gaining a reputable name in the inductor industry, Youth Electronics now manufactures power chokes and inductors across the globe. Their reliable equipment can be found in a number of electrical systems all over the world.

Our Youth Electronics products include:

  • Balun
  • EMC Choke
  • SMA Power Choke
  • RF Wire Wound Inductor
  • Through Hole Power Choke
  • Torodial Power Choke
  • LAN?Enterprise Networking

For more information on these products, speak to the staff at Elect-Chem, or visit the Youth Electronics website at:

A dedicated team of experts at Elect-Chem

We endeavour to provide our customers with not just the right products, but the right information and guidance to pick the right products. Our experienced team use their knowledge to find the best products from leading brands across the country. This means, the latest technology and the highest quality. At Elect-Chem, we can assure your cable system or wireless connection runs smoothly and efficiently.

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